UF Series

[Translate to Brazil:] Cold water pre-rinse

[Translate to Brazil:] At the beginning of the hot cleaning process, the dishes are pre-rinsed with cold water.

  • No build-up of proteins and starch due to hot water
  • Guarantees hygienically clean wash results
  • Reduces the effort involved in manual pre-rinsing
  • Perfect wash results

[Translate to Brazil:] Detergent dosing device

[Translate to Brazil:] The integrated detergent dosing device supplements the standard integrated rinse aid dosing.

  • Optimal detergent dosing for perfect wash results
  • Minimum consumption of detergent

[Translate to Brazil:] TurboZyme Soaking process

[Translate to Brazil:] The new TurboZyme soaking process involves soaking the dishes before the actual wash cycle with Winterhalter's innovative special detergent Crust Cracker. This is available in three versions specific to the relevant level of soiling and to meet your individual requirements.

  • Active enzymes optimally remove dried-on and baked-on stains
  • Reduces manual prewashing
  • Saving you considerable time and money
  • Perfect wash results: soak, wash, rinse, done!

[Translate to Brazil:] Dosing device for crust cracker

[Translate to Brazil:] The integrated dosing device controls the dosing of Winterhalter's special Crust cracker detergent during the soaking process.

  • Optimal dosing of the Winterhalter soaking detergent
  • More economical consumption
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • Perfect wash results

[Translate to Brazil:] Defoamer dosing device

[Translate to Brazil:] Special defoaming components can be added to the wash cycle via the integrated dosing device.

  • Optimal dosing for perfect wash results
  • More economical consumption

[Translate to Brazil:] Heat recovery Energy

[Translate to Brazil:] The Energy function uses the warm steam to heat the cold inlet water. The cooled, dry air flows back into the machine.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Improved room climate
  • Improved dish drying

[Translate to Brazil:] Hinged door

[Translate to Brazil:] With the new UF Series, the door can be unlocked and folded downwards with ease, making it easy to access the interior of the machine.

  • Convenient access to the interior of the machine
  • Easy cleaning of the tank heating element and interior of the machine

[Translate to Brazil:] Performance heating element

[Translate to Brazil:] Performance heating elements feature boosted tank and boiler heating capacity.*

  • Reduced heating times when filling and reheating
  • Machine ready for use in short space of time

*use of fuse protection from 25 A